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In the Za Bros demo you'll embark on your first delivery working the night shift for the pest pizza joint in town - Za Bros.

The upside? Way better pay.

The downside? Well, you've got some interesting clients.

Za Bros is a low budget horror comedy game in development by a solo-dev featuring no combat and varying characters based on urban legends, myths and horrors of the past from cultures world round. Please note this game is more akin to a walking simulator and heavier on dialogue.


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Za Bros 0.02 312 MB
Za Bros 0.01 312 MB

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Im a bit late to the party ( 0.2 version ) but I can echo Savannah in terms of some of your scripting. There is a turret error currently that pops up after the phone convo at the start. With your movement during dialogue. Check out disabling inputs for player input instead of setting the location,then re-enabling them on completing your message boxes.

I absolutely love your setup though, it is an amazing foundation with a lot of charm you can definitely make something memorable. The character design works really well and regardless of low poly you give more than enough detail to get a natural feel.
I really hope you keep up with this!

Thanks anvil! I admittedly haven't touched this project in nearly a year but I may be time to get back into it :)

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Alright so little bit of tips and what I experienced/think about this game.. at the start of the game the player character is bugged out, the player also keeps moving when you press E on any items like food items or NPC's.

The dialogues were extremely long and I had to skip a lot of it, because it just kept going and going. The concept is definitely good, I liked the idea a lot.

Another issue is that the game is put into a Setup.exe  file, you might want to look into releasing game again without the Setup.exe and just the game files, also keep in mind a lot of people use Itch io client program, so you need to add some files to make it work for the itch io launcher.
Quickstart link for devs: https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/quickstart.html

The idea is good like I said but there are these things that definitely are an issue, I hope you keep developing games! And perhaps use Unity Engine instead of 001 creator, but that's just my opinion. Wish you all the best :)

Preciate the feedback! Unfortunately I'm absolute rubbish at coding and quite stuck to 001. 

But I'll go back'n check out the scripts for interactions - I possibly forgot to enable a switch to stop movement. 

I'll check out how I might be able to shorten dialogue without losing the character of the characters. 

Genuinely thanks for the feedback and thanks for the link to integrate!!